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BP Whiting Business Unit
Contractor Training
Safety Training And Tracing provides BP site specific contractor
safety orientation training to all BP contractors on an annual basis.
For further information contact the contractor safety orientation
trailer at:
Registration:  219-392-5300 or
Badging:        219-392-5166
BP Contractor Orientation and Badging
Business Hours
Monday - Thursday 6:00 am - 4:30 pm
closed Friday
Registration:  219-392-5300
Badging:  219-392-5166
Contractor Office Worker Badge Request / Authorization Form
Contractor Remote Activation Request
BP WBU Contractor Guide
BP Contractor Training Course List
Contractor Vehicle Sticker Application
BP Visitor Pre-Registration Form

Orientation Training Schedule
(New Hire and Refresher trainees take the same class)
Monday through Thursday

choose one of the following classes
Initial Site HSSE Orientation
7:00 am - 10:00 am - BPW001HALF
Site HSSE & PTW Orientation
7:00 am -   3:30 pm - BPW001FULLPTW
Training Must Be Scheduled Through VTMS

Per BP requirements for contractors working in the refinery for more than 5 days in a
calendar year, all of the following must be available at the time of class sign in
or the
student will not be allowed to stay for training:
  • Contractor Company must be green in Avetta (formerly PICS) or have a valid BP
    variance in place that has been approved by BP HSSE Management
  • Each person must be registered by the Contractor Company prior to class
  • Current  government issued photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport)
  • OSHA 10 hour training (General Industry or Construction) card or certificate of
  • Note: This does not apply if only attending the half-day session
  • Valid (green or clear) drug screen in BCRC, ScreenSafe, or DISA  (if using DISA,
    DCCHA 10 panel urinalysis and breathalyzer are both required; DISA NASAP is also
    acceptable at BP Whiting);  last test must be within the last 2 years per BP Drug and
    Alcohol Practice)
  • Must be clean shaven (only facial hair allowed is moustache not below the top lip
    and/or soul patch)
  • Current TWIC if required to work in MARSEC areas of the refinery
  • Class begins promptly at 7AM, please have your employees plan to arrive by 6:30AM
    so that they have time to sign in and complete the necessary paperwork.  
  • Each person is expected to be in their seat when class begins,
    promptly at 7AM.  
  • Any late arrivals will be turned away and will need to re-register for
    another class.
Office Worker 2 Hour Awareness
After registration via VTMS, trainees will receive a link to the
online training via email.
Map and Directions to BP Contractor Orientation and Badging

Click below for a map and directions to
the BP Contractor Orientation and
Badging location.