Virtual Training Management System
The Virtual Training Management System (VTMS) is a Web Based
application that will allow authorized users to easily check training
history, and register your employees for training courses offered at the
BP Whiting Refinery.  In addition, a current version of the BP Safety
Manual is available through VTMS.
VTMS Documents
Contractor Company Information
Request Form
One copy is required per company.  This
form provides us with your company's
contact information, and also gives us the
name of the BP employee with whom you
VTMS Access Authorization Form
One copy is required per company, signed
by an officer or other designee.  This form
identifies which of your employees are
authorized to access the system.
VTMS Access Request Form
One copy per authorized individual.  The
information on this form will be used to
create each user's logon credentials.
VTMS Client User Guide
The user guide is a helpful resource in
utilizing the VTMS system. The Safety
Observation (Scantron) system is included.
VTMS Mobile Client User Guide
The Mobile Client User Guide is a helpful
resource for a contractor client in utilizing
the VTMS system from a mobile device.
All documents can be faxed to +1 (877) 669-8418 or preferably emailed to
For Further Information Contact
Michael Mantich
+1 (219) 370-3566
+1 (219) 730-6087
Karen Sophiea
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Virtual Training Management System
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